How to Keep Your Nail Clients For Good

Client royalty is important to any business and it is certainly a serious matter in the nail industry. To be success at this business, you must learn how to distinguish yourself from others. We have compiled a short check off list help to all the nail tech out there to become success at their business.
Important tips for keeping your clients:
1) Always keep your working area clean;sweep your working area often and leave no trash around.
2) Always keep your equipment  sterile. Clients are curious creatures that like to look around and look for flaws. Use new product on all clients.
3) Always use a nail file for every person. Don’t reuse dropped on the floor file, you may get a fine.
4) Always make a good impression and clients will return. Give out your business card, tell a funny story so the client remember you.
5) A client who returns to you is a client that you treat really well.  Try to remember certain special things about your clients, such as birthday or aniversary; give the client some free design on these days.
6) Help your clients when they ask questions, they are not the expert in this field.  Keep up with some reading online or nail magazine to offer good tips to your clients.
7) Always smile at your clients and treat them as a friend while they are at your salon.

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